Why Add Mica To Cosmetics?

September 21,2022

For women, they need not only fair skin, but also proper luster. So, how to realize this idea? Mica powder will surprise you.


If the luster of the face is too little, the skin will look dry and malnourished; But too much luster is too greasy, and oily skin is more likely to appear on the skin with dull skin color.


In cosmetics, how to make your face shiny? One is to add some oil, which may affect the skin feeling.


It feels greasy after use. The other is to add mica to skin care products and cosmetics.




Why add mica powder to cosmetics?


Flake structure of mica: mica is a rock forming mineral. Mica used in cosmetics usually has a scaly structure. If you can cover the skin surface with a layer of potholes, it will make the light form a mirror reflection, so that the light reflected by the mirror can shine.


Secondly, the light shining on the mica has high reflection, small transmittance, so that the light will not pass through the mica, but reflect on the mica surface.

Mica is widely used as pearlescent in cosmetics industry to increase the brightness of products. On the surface of the skin, it will also brighten the complexion and make the skin have better luster.




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