The Applications of Food Grade Titanium Dioxide

July 09,2022

Food-grade titanium dioxide, also known as edible titanium dioxide, commonly known as a white pigment, is also used as a food whitening agent. It is a non-toxic, tasteless and white powder. Food-grade titanium dioxide is one of the food whitening agents with the best whitening effect. Because of this characteristic, food-grade titanium dioxide is often used in the fields of medicine, food, and cosmetics.


Although food-grade titanium dioxide is considered non-toxic as an additive, experiments have shown that long-term intake may impair the ability of human intestinal cells to absorb nutrients and fight germs. See below for detailed knowledge.


food grade titanium dioxide


What is food grade titanium dioxide?


Food grade titanium dioxide, commonly known as titanium dioxide, also known as white pigment. Food grade titanium dioxide is the best whitening effect among food whitening agents. Widely used in jelly, capsules, candy, beverages, dairy products, flour, konjac flour and other foods.


What is the use of food grade titanium dioxide?


Pharmaceutical industry


In pharmaceutical preparations, it can be used as a white colorant to prepare film coating suspensions, sugar coatings and gelatin capsules. It can also be mixed with other colorants to be used in skin preparations. It can also be used as a drug excipient instead of starch. agent.


Food industry


Used in candy coating, frozen fruit, jelly, chewing gum, unsweetened solid beverage and concentrated solid beverage, milk-containing beverage, puffed food. Candied fruit (words), jam, salad dressing, mayonnaise and other foods that need to be whitened.


Cosmetics industry


Foundation, pressed powder, sunscreen, eye shadow, lipstick, lip balm, toothpaste, talcum powder, prickly heat powder, cream, white soap.


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