Sericite - Make Beautiful Makeup Shine

October 12,2022

If you want to make up more shiny, you can't miss cosmetics with pearlescent pigments. These cosmetics can add luster without the help of mica. In ancient China, mica was one of the raw materials for making white pigments. In Russia, mica was once used as a substitute for glass to make windows.


Muscovite often presents sheet and hexagonal outlines, generally colorless, but also brown or pink and other colors.




What is sericite?


The muscovite with an extremely fine-scale structure and silk luster is called sericite, which is the mica material commonly used in cosmetics. The name sericite comes from the Latin serious, meaning silk. Due to its layered crystal structure inside, the combination between layers is not firm, so sericite can be divided into thin elastic sheets with shiny luster. This characteristic also makes sericite become a high-quality raw material for cosmetics.


Sericite particles are fine and easy to hydrated. There is less cation replacement in the structure. The amount filled in the interlayer is less than that of muscovite, so the potassium content in the chemical composition is slightly lower than that of muscovite, but the water content is higher than that of muscovite. Therefore, some people call it a kind of clay mica with more silicon, poor potassium, and rich water.


Application of sericite powder in cosmetics


Sericite powder has a fine and smooth feeling, stable chemical performance, strong adhesion, good dispersion, uniform mixing with water and glycerin, silk luster, UV resistance, and other excellent characteristics. It is a high-quality raw material for various cosmetics in the beauty cosmetics industry. Because of its fine texture, elasticity, appropriate gloss, high whiteness, and little or no heavy metal elements such as lead and mercury, it can meet the special requirements of some high-end cosmetics. The powder test showed that the superfine sericite powder was soft, smooth, and elastic, and the skin had a velvety smooth feeling after powder application; The fine-scale structure of sericite has the function of reflecting ultraviolet light and can prevent skin from sunning when added to sunscreen.


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