How to Use Hammer Crusher Correctly?

July 22,2022

Although the hammer head of the hammer crusher is a vulnerable part, if the hammer crusher can be used correctly and reasonably, the service life of the hammer head can be extended and the replacement cost can be reduced.


hammer crusher correctly


  1. Reasonably select working parameters and structural parameters to avoid overload of crusher.


  1. Control the reasonable linear speed to carry out the crushing operation of materials, to avoid damaging the hammer head due to excessive linear speed.


  1. When crushing materials with different particle sizes, choose hammers of different materials to complete the crushing operation.


  • The small crusher with feeding particle size below 50mm adopts a hammer with a single weight of less than 15kg, and it is suitable to choose a composite hammer.


  • The hammer crusher with a feeding particle size of about 100mm is suitable for high toughness ultra-high chromium cast iron, and its service life is 3-5 times longer than that of high manganese steel.


  • For small and medium-sized Hammer Crushers with feeding particle size less than 200mm, it is recommended to use hammers below 50kg, and alloy high manganese steel or high and medium carbon low alloy steel can be selected as materials.


  • For large Hammer Crushers with a feeding particle size of more than 400mm, it is recommended to use a large hammerhead of 50-125kg, mainly ultra-high manganese alloy steel or alloyed high manganese steel with high toughness.


  1. Pay attention to maintenance during daily use, and regularly check the fastening of hammer bolts.
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