Functions of Attapulgite in Feed

November 26,2022

Attapulgite, also known as palygorskite, is a clay mineral with layer chain structure and rich magnesium aluminum silicate. Belonging to sepiolite group in mineralogy, it is a rare non-metallic mineral raw material.




The function of attapulgite in feed


Pellet feed binder


Attapulgite is fine and sticky, and it is difficult to separate when mixed with salts. The pellet bait made of the fish has good floatability and cohesiveness, which meets the quality requirements of fish pellet bait; Light specific gravity and slow settling speed can prolong the fish's foraging opportunities and improve the feed utilization rate. At the same time, it can also absorb ammonia ions in fish ponds, preventing water pollution and putrefaction.


Mixed feed carrier


Attapulgite has good bearing capacity, moderate pH and uniform particle size. Mercury, lead, arsenic and other toxic elements are lower than the national standards, which can replace corn flour as feed additives to reduce feed costs.


Adsorbent for heavy metals and harmful substances


Attapulgite has crystal water channels and large specific surface area throughout the structure. The adsorption performance can be further improved by proper modification.


Adding a certain amount of palygorskite to the feed can reduce the absorption of gossypol in cottonseed. This will reduce or eliminate the toxicity of these harmful substances and provide mechanical protection for the gastrointestinal mucosa of animals.