Common Faults and Treatment of Shaft Kiln

August 06,2022

The ball of the supporting wheel pad seat is worn


During the operation of the cement shaft kiln, the bearing bush is broken, resulting in the abrasion of the bearing seat ball. After the problem occurs, the traditional method cannot be effectively repaired on the spot. Replacing new spare parts not only requires high costs but also requires a long time of the shutdown and waiting for spare parts, which will cause great losses to the enterprise. The polymer composite material has super adhesive force, excellent compressive strength, and other comprehensive properties, which can quickly repair the wear of the bearing ball without machining on the site. There is no influence of repair welding thermal stress, and the repair thickness is not limited. At the same time, the metal material of the product has no relevancy, absorbs the impact and vibration of the equipment, and can make the mating surface 100% contact, avoiding the possibility of wear again.


shaft kiln


Cracks on supporting wheel pad seat and its sphere


The ball of the supporting wheel shoe seat or the supporting wheel shoe seat of the cement shaft kiln can not be repaired by traditional methods because it is made of cast iron.


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