Can Baby Powder be Used?

August 20,2022

Every summer, mothers will have a question: Can the baby powder be used?


A mother said: Don't use baby powder in summer, it's easy to get prickly heat.


Of course, some mothers say: baby powder is not good for the baby's health, and it can cause cancer!


So what is the truth?


baby powder


First of all, let's popularize the ingredients of baby powder (prickly heat powder) currently on the market.


Generally speaking, there are two types, one is ordinary prickly heat powder or talcum powder containing talcum powder, and the other is talcum powder-free, and the price is more than 2-3 times higher than ordinary products, such as corn flour, Pine pollen, pearl powder, etc.


It is not impossible to use talcum powder, but you must pay attention to the following points when using it


(1) For talc-containing baby powder, only pharmaceutical and food-grade talc is the safest.


(2) Corn flour, pine pollen, and pearl powder have their advantages and disadvantages, and their effects are also different. Some of them are only for keeping dry and do not affect removing prickly heat. Please read the instructions clearly when purchasing.


(3) Choose the brands and products you trust, and don't just get lost in business promotions.


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