Application of Nano Zinc Oxide In Cosmetics

October 12,2022

After ultraviolet radiation, organic sunscreen is easy to decompose, and the effect is not long. So nano zinc oxide is developed.




Application of nano zinc oxide in cosmetics


It is found that nano ZnO UG-AS030 has stronger UV protection than traditional nano TiO2 It has a good protective effect on UV-A and UV-B, so the application of nano zinc oxide in cosmetics has developed rapidly.


Nanometer zinc oxide can be used as a new sunscreen and antibacterial agent in cosmetics. Because they are tasteless, non metamorphic, and have good thermal stability, and the nano zinc oxide itself is white, which can be simply colored It is cheap and has strong UV absorption ability. what's more. It can shield UVA (long wave 320~400nm) and UVB (medium wave 280~320nm), so it is widely used.


Under ultraviolet radiation, it can decompose freely moving negatively charged electrons (e -) in water and air (oxygen), leaving positively charged holes (h). This kind of hole can activate the oxygen in the air to become active oxygen, which has strong chemical activity. It can react with a variety of organic substances (including organic substances in bacteria) to kill most bacteria and viruses.


When the concentration is 1% within 5 minutes, the killing rate of Staphylococcus aureus is 98.86%. The killing rate of Escherichia coli was 99.93%.


Therefore, it in cosmetics can not only shield ultraviolet rays and sunscreen, but also anti-bacterial deodorization. However, these free radicals have strong oxidation and reduction capacities, which will have adverse effects on skin cells. Moreover, it will make other organic components discolor, degrade and disperse, and sometimes even produce an intolerable odor. One or more layers of silicon oxide, aluminum oxide and other isolation layers are coated on the surface of zirconium nano ZnO to weaken its photochemical activity and improve its photostability.




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