Application of Nano Calcium Carbonate

September 05,2022

Nano calcium carbonate refers to a functional inorganic filler with a particle size of 1-100nm. It is widely used in many fields.


However, different applications have different requirements for the particle size, crystal shape, oil absorption value, and dispersibility of nano-calcium carbonate.


Nano Calcium Carbonate


Applications in the plastics industry


In the processing and production of plastics, ordinary calcium carbonate products can only be used as general fillers. The modified product not only acts as a filler, but also acts as an active agent and a reinforcing agent. In addition, it can also increase the volume of plastic products, improve the hardness and strength of products and so on.


Nano calcium carbonate has been widely used in the processing of various plastics such as PVC, PS and PP. Among them, the amount of PVC is the largest, especially for wire and cable, pipes and other products. It has a good reinforcing and toughening effect on PVC plastics. Its main nano-features make the processed PVC plastics have good mechanical properties such as barrier properties, flame retardancy, and thermal stability.


Applications in the rubber industry


Nano calcium carbonate is mainly used in tires, wires, cables, rubber products, etc. in the rubber industry. It can increase the volume, reduce the cost and improve the rubber processing performance.


The calcium carbonate currently used in rubber is mainly heavy calcium carbonate and ordinary light calcium carbonate. The application field and scope of nano calcium carbonate are constantly expanding. The rubber products added with nano calcium carbonate are much stronger than ordinary calcium carbonate in terms of elongation, yield resistance and tear resistance.


Calcium carbonate treated by special process has high surface activity. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, free-moving electrons can be precipitated. It reacts extremely easily with oxygen or organic matter, killing viruses and bacteria. Therefore, it also has the effect of sterilization and disinfection.




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